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Just-In-Case Badge!

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Buy our badge and be a member of Guerrilla!

If you travel to South Korea, why not buy our Guerrilla badges and enjoy the services we provide?


We are aware that female tourists can face various dangers while traveling in foreign countries, ranging from sexual assault to legal disputes to lack of information. By purchasing this badge for only 100 dollars (USD), you are guaranteed our support throughout your trip in South Korea. We can assist you with various issues that may arise.


The profits earned from badge sales will be donated to women's organizations. You can obtain the badge from our headquarters located in Seoul. Additionally, we offer Korean language classes to foreigners, so if you're interested, you can learn Korean with us too.

Real Case


One female artist, who is not Korean and not living in Korea, was involved in legal disputes because a South Korean company used her artwork without permission. She wanted to resolve this problem but had no clue what to do. Thanks to the Just-In-Case Badge, however, she received help from Guerrilla and, as a result, received settlement money of approximately 2,000 dollars from the company.

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